Request for Proposals Camden Hills Regional High School (CHRHS) Football Goal Post Project


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Request for Proposals Camden Hills Regional High School (CHRHS) Football Goal Post Project Issuing Agency: Five Town CSD 22 Knowlton St Rockport ME 04856 Contact Info: Christopher D. Fanelli: Director of Facilities and Transportation Phone: 207-236-7340 E-mail: Evaluation Committee: Christopher D. Fanelli. Director of Facilities and Transportation Pete Orne, Director of Finance Jen Curtis, Principal Timeline: Date RFP Issued: 11/30/23 Dates Advertised: 11/30/23 – 12/29/23 Contractor Site Visit: 12/14/23 Questions accepted until: 1/4/2024 Answers in writing: 1/4/24 10:00 am Proposals Due: 1/5/24 10:00 a.m. Proposals Opened: 1/5/24 11:00 a.m. Proposals Evaluated: 1/5/24 Possible Award of Contract: 1/8/24 Start of Construction: TBD Installation Substantial Completion By: 9/1/25 Installation Final Completion By: 9/1/25 I. Project Description Five Town CSD requests proposals for the following project, Camden Hills Regional High School (CHRHS) Football Goal Post Project as part of the overall goal of removing existing two goal posts and installing new replacements. II. Description of RFP Process; Selection Criteria Interested contractors must adhere to the timeline identified in this request. In the event that alterations to the timeline become necessary, all contractors that have submitted their intention to submit proposals will be notified of the changes and an addendum will be added to this document. The School District will subjectively evaluate proposals based upon the following criteria: 1. How well the proposal meets the needs of the School District; 2. Cost effectiveness; 3. Experience with similar jobs 4. Financial capacity (Maine statute requires public projects in excess of $125,000 to be secured by payment and performance bonds) 5. References. Proposals will be good for at least 90 days after they are submitted. The School District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to exercise its judgment in evaluating proposals, to negotiate with one or more contractors submitting proposals and to request clarifications and/or demonstrations.