Advertising Basics: Become a affiliate and benefit

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 5:00am

Penobscot Bay Pilot has a variety of advertising products, including our Affiliate Program, which simultaneously expands a business' name in multiple marketing directions. Our affiliates harness the best of the internet, and make it work for them. Here's how:

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What is an Affiliate?

PenBayPilot Affiliates are Pilot advertisers who want to post news and photos about goods and services, on their own schedule – whenever and as many times as they'd like.

For a weekly fee, Affiliates are given a user name and password, and generous space to position their advertising across the Pilot's website, from the Home Page and throughout the inside.

 Pilot Demographics

75% of readers are returning, 25% are new



98% viewers are from the United States, followed by 100 others countries, including Canada, the UK, China, India, the Caribbean, Australia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, even the Solomon Islands.

Every day, folks from every state of the Union check in with the Pilot, from many in California, Texas, Arizona, the Midwest, Florida, New York, Boston, and, of course, Maine.

They come on their cell phones, iPads or desktops, and most have bookmarked the Pilot on their own systems. Many also receive our daily email Morning Catch, a compendium of news and advertising specials.

And they come because they have been referred to news and Affiliate posts by friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

 They come for news, for real estate information and business services. They are curious readers, and they want to learn all they can about the region.

The Pilots keeps them informed and up-to-date.

River of News

Affiliate posts are also featured within the Pilot's River of News, our center column that provides immediate public exposure.

Affiliates become part of the Pilot community hub, and their posts are viewed by people in Maine, New England, the Maritimes, across the country and around the world.

They include those with close ties to the region, as well as many who are seeking to relocate or visit here. (See the snapshot of our reader demographics.)

Additionally, Affiliates automatically and exponentially expand their exposure by virtue of search engines that recognize as an established internet resource.

Internet exposure, search engines and web crawlers

PBP Media Kit

Besides building valuable publicity, our Affiliate business names and services are immediately positioned better on the scaffolding of how search engines function.

Web searches made at computers all over the world, and right here at home, target more successfully on Pilot posts.


How and Why?

The Pilot has established itself as relevant resource in the algorithms of search engines. Posting on the Pilot associates Affiliates with that key relevancy.

The Pilot has established itself as a community hub, and the vibrant connections and links that the Pilot is continually building only serves to reinforce that.

The Pilot's foundational business model, which includes being a free and open source of news and information, has rapidly increased its stature on the internet.

Affiliates can post directly to the Pilot, using our tools. And/or, we can automatically pull your website posts via your RSS feed, and redistribute them through other social media channels.

And our team can help you with social media posting tools to broadcast your advertising message throughout your social media presence, whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

 Pilot Affiliate Features

Affiliates get UNLIMITED posting On Main Street and Calendar of Events

Affiliate posts are Featured in the River of News

Affiliates are able to access our Social Media Integration tools, with posts broadcasted to your Facebook, twitter and social media accounts

Posts are featured on the Pilot's Main Street Facebook page

Posts are included daily in our Morning Catch email

Post UNLIMITED online classifieds. No additional fee for picture.

Affiliates get a premium ad (300 x 250) that rotates throughout stories

Affiliates are also set up with a micro-website featured automatically on the Pilot site by virtue of being included in the Business Directory. Google map displays your business location.


Knox & Waldo counties (Penobscot Bay Pilot)

  • Business (for profit) $20/week
  • Organization (nonprofit) $10/week
  • Church/Public Institution $5/week

Knox, Waldo & Lincoln counties (Penobscot Bay Pilot, Boothbay Register and Wiscasset Newspaper)

  • Business (for profit) $30/week
  • Organization (nonprofit) $15/week
  • Church/Public Institution $10/week