Expand your marketing reach through Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties, and beyond

Discover how Penobscot Bay Pilot can maximize your online experience with free access to local news, events, and information, create timely and interactive stories, introduce new ways to contribute and share content on our site and across social networks, connect businesses with consumers, and reach readers who are on the go. Penobscot Bay Pilot's mission is to be the leading online destination for residents in Knox and Waldo counties. Maine visitors, summer residents and those passionate about our creative and vibrant area, whether they are in Newfoundland or Indonesia.

Web/Mobile AdsSkyscraper ad


  • Desktop & Mobile, 
  • Center Top under Header: $150/wk for Billboard, $125/wk for Leaderboard displayed on ALL pages.
  • Prices are based on 1/4-share per week, full run-of-site
  • Desktop - Billboard - 970 pixels by 250 pixels, static, maximum file size 1MB, minimum 200 dpi, .png/.jpg/.gif
  • Desktop - Leaderboard - 728 pixels by 90 pixels, static, maximum file size 1MB, minimum 200 dpi .png/.jpg/.gif.
  • Mobile - 300 pixels by 100 pixels, static, maximum file size 1MB, minimum 200 dpi .png/.jpg/.gif



  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Right Sidebar - top ($100/wk), middle ($50/wk), bottom/ROS ($35/wk), displayed on ALL pages.
  • Prices are based on 1/4-share per week, full run-of-site
  • 300 pixels x 250 pixels, static, maximum file size, 1MB, minimum 200 dpi, png/.jpg/.gif


Additional Advertising Opportunities

  • Sponsor Ad - Ad displays in all editorial content for a specific category of your choice; News, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, $25/wk

  • Morning Catch ad - daily email newsletter, 300 pixels by 250 pixels, static, maximum file size 1MB, minimum 200 dpi .png/.jpg/.gif, up to 6 positions, $50/wk, premium top placement $100/wk

  • Photo Gallery ad - embedded in pop-up galleries throughout the site - 300 pixels by 250 pixels, static, maximum file size 1MB, minimum 200 dpi .png/.jpg/.gif, up to 6 positions, $50/week

  • Business Directory - Premium Listing - Name, logo, address, phone, email, business hours, website url/link, Google Map, ... $5/week

  • Main Street Affiliate Program
    The Main Street Affiliate program offers local businesses and organizations the opportunity to communicate their brand, specials, promotions, events and business information on to our website. This advertising program is designed to give businesses maximum visibility at an affordable price through online and social media marketing venues.
    • UNLIMITED posting on Main Street and Calendar of Events
      Posts appear in the River of News
    • Social Media Integration
    Posts display on YOUR Facebook, twitter and social media accounts
    Readers can share YOUR posts onto THEIR Facebook, twitter and other social media accounts
    Posts are shared to the Pilot's Main Street Facebook and sent daily in the Morning Catch headline email
    • Post UNLIMITED online classifieds!  No additional fee for picture.
    • Premium Marquee (300 px by 250 px) rotates throughout PenBayPilot.com
    • Micro-website, searchable in the PenBayPilot.com business directory with the option of a brand URL
    • Micro-website and posts are search engine friendly (SEO)
    • Google map displays your business location. 
  • Knox & Waldo counties (Penobscot Bay Pilot)
    Business (for profit) $20/week, Organization (nonprofit) $10/week, Church/Public Institution $5/week
    Knox, Waldo & Lincoln counties (Penobscot Bay Pilot, Boothbay Register and Wiscasset Newspaper)
    Business (for profit) $30/week, Organization (nonprofit) $15/week, Church/Public Institution $10/week


Truth in Advertising

Here at Penobscot Bay Pilot, we pride ourselves in providing timely answers and information, as well as establishing an online community network through which businesses can actively engage with and reach a broad market of consumers and buyers.

In our sales efforts, we strive to be completely transparent with our business partners, our "Affiliates," about the business of advertising online, and with the community that turns to us as a resource. We believe that our product, and the service and technology that we provide, offer a unique and innovative platform that supports our community and its businesses and will only continue to grow as more and more people learn of our presence.

The Truth About Traffic

One of the key factors in making online advertising decisions today, is understanding true traffic numbers. For our advertisers, we want you to know that our traffic numbers reflect actual human readers. We filter out traffic that stems from online automated "robots," "spiders" and "web crawlers," which are used to scrape content for search engines and other automated content aggregating efforts for use on Flipboard, Skygrid and others. Our research shows that our numbers are in line with Google Analytics, which also filters out robot traffic. Please note, these robots still crawl our site and gather content to share across the Internet, providing search engine marketing benefits. We simply do not feel that it is a legitimate representation of our traffic to include those views in our statistics. The Penobscot Bay Pilot strives to provide truth in its advertising, and we diligently work to ensure information we share with you reflects the true readership in the community.


Janis Bunting

 Lynda Clancy