M&A deal volumes are up – the most they have been since 2010. A new sector has taken the top spot for the number of transactions in the market. IPOs have jumped some 700+ per cent. And where in the world your acquirer is from can impact how much they are willing to pay for your business.
Beginning in 2012, with more than a decade’s worth of deal activity to draw from, we are excited to release our eighth edition of Dealtracker, our analysis of the Australian mergers and acquisition (M&A) and equity markets.

M&A - Deals Composition by sectors


% Corporate deals by sector

(current period)

What the data tells us – a snapshot

  • Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, M&A activity levels have been remarkably resilient, with volumes reaching levels not seen for a decade. 

  • Some industries have significantly borne the brunt of national and state lockdowns and restrictions, and we are seeing the impact this is having on these businesses.

  • Conversely, acquirer appetite for technology businesses continues to dominate the M&A landscape (particularly amongst private equity managers), along with tech-enabled businesses in other industries that are investing in innovation and digital capabilities.

Dealtracker 2022 webinar

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M&A transactions in Australia, like everything, has changed as a result of COVID-19. While deal activity remains strong, who is investing – and what they are investing in – is shifting. Watch on-demand as we discuss the findings in the report, as well as how you can be sale and investment-ready when opportunities arise.

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