Increasingly, Australian organisations – or those wanting to do business here – are expected to undertake audits that go beyond the traditional model. Instead, it might be a third party review to meet a new set of laws affecting your industry or to reflect a focus of governments and other regulators to combat a growing issue in the economy.

In the case of a dispute, an independent expert audit can be a key piece of evidence integral to your case.

Grant Thornton’s audit advisory team works alongside our clients, providing a full range of reviews and audits required of your business.

Our Audit advisory services

Expert opinions

We interpret and apply complex accounting and auditing standards and provide evidence in disputes.

3000 audits

Our expertise helps clients provide assurance to their customers that their processes and controls are appropriately robust and sufficient.

Payroll assurance

Many organisations are grappling with a myriad of employee agreements and obligations, resulting in a wide variety of payments to their people.

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Merilyn Gwan
Partner & Head of National Assurance Quality
Merilyn Gwan
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Merilyn Gwan
Partner & Head of National Assurance Quality
Merilyn Gwan

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