From legal disputes with suppliers or contractors, post-acquisition or tax disputes, to family break-downs, a whole array of financial and commercial issues can arise. Therefore, understanding the true values, numbers and dollars at stake – and your contractual obligations and rights – is crucial to ensure value is preserved and the complexities at hand managed.

Our financial accounting experts advise at all stages of a litigation dispute, taking an independent view while gathering and reviewing evidence and contributing to expert reports: from the very outset of a dispute where a lot can be done to turn it around for a positive outcome, through to court proceedings.

As expert witnesses, we are known for putting our expert opinions in language that non-accountants can understand, while preparing views with rigour that ensures they withstand cross-examination in court. Our senior practitioners have spent days in the witness box under cross-examination. We have given testimony in international matters, federal courts, state supreme courts, local and special purpose tribunals and the Family Court of Australia.

We provide expert reports and expert opinions in:

  • commercial disputes such as providing expert opinion in complex loss quantification claims, professional negligence and a range of other disputes that require expert accounting opinions
  • family law including family court testimony and superannuation valuations
  • insurance
  • valuations
  • payroll
  • class actions
  • out-of-court settlement negotiations.

Our Forensic accounting and dispute advisory services


We use our expertise and unique and in-depth methodology to undertake business valuations to help clients meet strategic goals.

Alex Bell
Partner & National Head of Forensic Consulting
Alex Bell
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Alex Bell
Partner & National Head of Forensic Consulting
Alex Bell

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Alex Bell

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