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How to be COVIDSafe when visiting Grant Thornton?

To ensure that we have a safe and sustainable approach in our offices and at client sites for our people, we have developed a COVIDSafe plan.

This plan was designed in line with Safe Work Australia guidelines and in consultation with an experienced medical professional, Dr Ian Norton, a Specialist Emergency Physician with post-graduate qualifications in Surgery, International Health and Tropical Medicine, and our people.

This provides guidelines and procedures to be followed at all times to ensure that we minimise the risks of infection from COVID-19 to our people while they are at work.

A detailed risk assessment has been completed and the infection control measures have been validated by Dr Ian Norton. As part of the risk assessment, we have identified three COVID risk levels that will help to guide our practices and ensure we are responsive to any changes in community and workplace risk.

Can I attend meetings and events at Grant Thornton Australia?

Our offices are open for meetings and events but we will also continue to run virtual events where it is more appropriate.

What are you doing to protect me?

We share responsibility with all of our people to keep each other safe. Some measures we have put in place to ensure health and wellbeing include:

  • We require all team members attending the office or events to be fully vaccinated, have a valid exemption or have undertaken a Rapid Antigen Test on the day of attendance and produced a negative result.
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available in all of our offices.
  • Daily cleaning of communal areas and internal meeting rooms and frequent cleaning of high touch points regularly throughout the day. All client meeting rooms are cleaned and sanitised regularly throughout the day.
  • If we have any concerns or if any of our team members are feeling unwell before your meeting, we will reschedule or move the meeting to an online forum.

We ask all visitors to Grant Thornton workplaces to:

  • Not attend the office if they are showing any signs of illness.
  • We require all visitors to our worksites or attending our events to be fully vaccinated, have a valid exemption or have undertaken a Rapid Antigen Test on the day of attending our worksite and produced a negative result.
  • Agree to follow all appropriate measures implemented to reduce the risk of infection within our workplaces.
  • Communicate any risks or concerns about infection controls to Grant Thornton team members.
  • Advise their Grant Thornton contact as soon as possible if they develop any symptoms that require COVID testing within 72 hours of visiting our office.

To help protect all team members and contractors working in Grant Thornton workplaces and in other locations we ask our people to:

  • Not attend the office if they are feeling unwell or displaying any signs of illness.
  • When working at a client, ensure our people understand COVID-19 hazards and risks in your workplace and how they might comply with them.
  • Ensure that new information, policies, procedures and processes about COVID-19 are understood and processes are being followed.
  • Monitor the workplace and the work practices of others to ensure that control measures are being adhered to.
  • Escalate any non-compliance with procedures and processes that are observed.
  • Complete any instruction or training on things we all need to do to help manage the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the workplace.
  • Consider starting and finishing work at different times to avoid travelling on public transport at peak times and wearing face-masks where it is difficult to socially distance.

If you have any questions about our measures to ensure a COVIDSafe workspace, please speak with your local partner or contact us on (03) 8320 2222.

Further media enquiries, please contact:

Mikala Spark
Senior Communications Manager
Grant Thornton Australia
M +412 334 851

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