The Australian energy & resources sector is seen as the ‘shining star’ of the Australian economy.

Self-sufficient, the sector consistently punches above its weight and stabilises our economy. But to achieve net zero and transition away from fossil fuels, Australian companies need to look outside the box and turn to technology to drive the sector forward.

Top trends in Energy & Resources

  • Modern Manufacturing Initiative
    Modern Manufacturing Initiative
    The MMI highlights critical minerals as an area of future global opportunity.
  • COP26 in Glasgow
    COP26 in Glasgow
    Achieving net zero will have an indelible impact on future energy and resources projects.
  • 2nd-largest reserves of lithium
    2nd-largest reserves of lithium
    Opportunity is rife to expand away from iron ore and coal into critical and rare earth minerals.

Issues impacting businesses in Energy & Resources

We can support you right through the life cycle

The transition from exploration to production is an exciting journey however, it can be extremely challenging. For each company the challenges are unique, and the circumstances can vary significantly depending on where you are in the journey. We have created a guide book to help mining companies navigate the myriad of accounting, tax and financing challenges that will present themselves throughout the mining lifecycle.
Read our guide to transition from exploration to development and production

Sustainability: mining’s greatest aspiration

With demand for traditional resources like gold, iron ore, lead and nickel remaining steady and new critical and rare earth minerals on the rise, combined with an appetite for alternative energy sources to electrify Australia’s future, we expect existing companies to expand and new entrants into the market. From exploration through to rehabilitation, our experts offer advice and support that grows as you do.

Read more about what’s front of mind for resources and mining companies

Energy & Resources M&A activates the market

The resources sector is thriving – and mergers and acquisition activity is a driving force in the sector at the moment. But with so much growth in Australia’s energy sector, greater regulation and reporting requirements follow. Valuations and financial modelling will be more important than ever. Aligned to our own findings in our 2022 Dealtracker, companies with a technology focus will drive activity in the sector into the future.

Learn more about deals, valuations and financial modelling

Capitalising onshore manufacturing capabilities

Australia’s energy & resources industry is a major export producer in our economy. However, as we established in our 10 Year Retrospective Report – we are not capitalising on the opportunity to value add onshore. So with the recent Modern Manufacturing Initiative identifying critical minerals processing and rare earth minerals as a major growth area, how do we ensure we’re set up for a future of processing onshore?

Learn more about value-adding and supply chains here

Trends in export and trade agreements

With the Government negotiating or renegotiating free trade agreements, what are the opportunities for Australian energy and resources companies to enter new markets? The Modern Manufacturing Initiative has highlighted the resources sector as an area of opportunity to expand its global footprint. The 10 year road map outlines opportunities as well as policy to support growth in the sector.

Learn more about global trade and customs

Native title and Indigenous royalties

New sites and projects will need to be cognisant of native title rights and work closely with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement with the traditional custodians of the land.

Read more about native title in Australia

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Brent Steedman
Partner & National Head of Energy & Resources
Brent Steedman
Learn more about Brent Steedman
Brent Steedman
Partner & National Head of Energy & Resources
Brent Steedman

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Brent Steedman

Technology holds the key for the future of Energy & Resources

Carbon Sequestration. Robotics. AI. These are all things the Federal Government wants the Australian energy sector to invest in. However, with a disjointed energy sector and no national approach to a connection strategy, the power from the West remains separated from the East. How can the energy and resources sector use technology to bridge the divide and power Australia into the future?


Listen to Brent Steedman, National Head of Energy & Resources, talk about trends and issues facing the energy & resources sector right now.

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