The latest Intergenerational Report highlights that Australia’s future population will be smaller and older than predicted pre-COVID, with aged care spending likely to nearly double as a share of the economy, from 1.2% of GDP in 2021 to 2.1% by 2060-61.

Health will comprise the single largest component of Federal spending, at 26% of total expenditure in 2060-61. Average spending on the NDIS for each participant is expected to increase from around $56k in 2020-21 to more than $80k in 2060-61. Demand for services and spending will increase. Increasing demand needs to be supported by a holistic healthcare network and service providers. We can help you respond, adapt and grow.

Top trends in Health & Aged Care

  • Ageing population
    Ageing population
    Forecasts suggest that Australia’s fertility rates are dropping, exacerbating issues around funding and supporting our ageing population.
  • Choice and tech changing healthcare
    Choice and tech changing healthcare
    Health spending will more than double over the next 40 years due, changes in preferences and the costs of using new health technology.
  • A shift towards wellbeing
    A shift towards wellbeing
    The COVID pandemic precipitated a mental health crisis as people adjust to new ways of working and living. Funding is increasingly directed towards general wellbeing support systems, including mental health services.

Our Health & Aged Care Services


Grant Thornton’s expert audit approach will help you comply with regulations, and improve business strategies and internal processes.


We work with clients at all stages of their business lifecycle – and through all their organisation’s major events – to navigate tax obligations.

Finance and funding

Our finance and funding team works to access sources of finance, present your case to potential funders and negotiate a long-term sustainable relationship.


Our consulting team supports its clients with hands-on and proactive advice on all aspects of their strategies for sustainable growth.

Issues impacting businesses in Health & Aged Care

Preparing for an ageing population

Baby boomers affluence and expectations will irrevocably change the way aged care services are provided. They are the “grey nomads” – unprepared to simply take a back seat. This generation is taking control of their twilight years to enjoy their savings through travel and other lifestyle investments. They know what they want, how they want it, and where they want it – and are prepared to undertake the research to find services and providers that align with their lifestyle preferences. Opportunities to tailor services to meet a more sophisticated cohort could be the key differentiator in a tightly regulated market.

Tapping into the investor market

While the nation’s attention is fixed firmly on how we care for an ageing population, the marketplace is shifting imperceptibly and significantly in the background. There are mergers, acquisitions, divestments, restructures and consolidations in the works and we do not expect this trend to end any time soon.

Learn more about the trends influencing funding and M&A

We cut through the complexity of compliance

Consumer demands and technological advancement will create new opportunities for existing health and aged care providers, as well as encourage disruptors into the market. With healthcare regulated and funded at a State level, aged care at a Federal level, and disabilities only recently brought together under the NDIS, it can be a minefield working through your compliance obligations. In addition, listed, private and for-purpose organisations each have their own requirements. Whether it’s tax, audit or risk, we cut through the compliance complexity to allow you to focus on the work that matters most.

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Darrell Price
Principal & National Head of Health & Aged Care
Darrell Price
Learn more about Darrell Price
Darrell Price
Principal & National Head of Health & Aged Care
Darrell Price

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Darrell Price

Investing in technology to support better care

A thoughtfully designed and implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a powerful tool can elevate the day-to-day running of your business and resourcing, providing more time for face-to-face care and people on the ground providing the services that matter most.


Listen to Darrell Price, National Head of Health & Aged Care, talk about trends and issues facing the health & aged care sector right now.

Using data analytics to drive operational decision-making

Client challenge
Client challenge
Client challenge
In with a number of different services across Sydney, the Central Coast, Hunter Region and Nepean Blue Mountains, Unisson Disability were using a number of different business applications that weren’t talking to each other. This meant there was little transparency to support decision making for the business.
The solution
The solution
The solution
Grant Thornton's technology advisory team were engaged to develop dashboards that could pull data from multiple systems and enable business users to be more self-sufficient in gaining insights from data and make data-driven decisions in near real-time.
The outcome
The outcome
The outcome
Access to near real-time data in a user-friendly and visual format has greatly assisted the business to share and use operational information to support business decisions including resourcing for the right programs, and ensuring that they're maximising their ability to support people in the community where they need it most.
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